Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daily 5 Book Study Blog Hop!

I loved using "Daily 5" in my second grade class!  Now that I'm going to teach first grade in the fall, I am eager to see how this will work.  I've been blog-stalking many great first grade sites to see how teachers are using Daily 5 with their students.  You can join in by joining the blog hop or just by leaving a comment. 
Click HERE to visit the Chapter One Blog Host Mel D.'s Post

I'm a few weeks behind, but I'll catch up soon.  For now, I'll share my Daily 5 Schedule Strips that I made.  I use them so that one D5 activity doesn't get too full of students.  I learned the need for this very quickly last year when a  hoard of eager students descended on the magnet letters for Word Work!  Oops!  LOL!  


  1. So you did not let your students choose which D5 to go to. They followed the strip that they pulled out. I like that idea. Did you go to all 5 each day? I started D5 last year and it was hard for me to get to all the D5 each day. I still have not decided how I am going to approach the choice issue. Thanks for your idea. It's making me think more about it.

    Mrs Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  2. Hi Tammy,
    I actually have tried a few formats. The first time I used the strips, but they seemed to really like them and not return them. :) Then, I went to a D5 sheet for more accountability. I've never tried D5 with first graders, so I may rethink things. I'll post the other D5 sheet, which makes 3 of 5 required since our schedules are often varied.
    Thanks for your comments!


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