Sunday, November 4, 2012

Counting, Making Tens,and Tallying Freebie

One of my favorite bloggers, Leslie Hope at The Groovy Teacher, had a great Halloween counting activity that I used with my kids.  I had thought it would have been pretty easy, but I learned A LOT about who needs more help with counting.  It turned out to be an excellent informal assessment.  If you'd like to see her original post and idea, click HERE.  So, I decided we needed to do this activity again and Leslie generously gave me the OK to use her idea.  I made some Thanksgiving-themed counting activities that you can get HERE.

Have a great week, Everybody!


  1. Love these. My firsties will love these. These will make a great self start.
    The Hive

  2. Love it! I used them today. I had prepared all 6 and I let my kids choose what they wanted to do. They chose the pilgrims, so we counted pilgrims today. Thanks for the shout out my sweet blogging friend:)

  3. Thank you! My kiddos need more practice with grouping tens and this variety is great!


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