Friday, February 1, 2013

Freebies, TpT's 28% Off Sale, & Super Bowl Flashbacks! Woo-hoo!

Today was a "Staff Development Day" without students, which is great news because I still have enough energy to devote all of my attention to my Teachers Pay Teachers wish list and shopping cart!
I don't know about you, but I am thrilled that the big 28% off sale is happening again!  Yay!  Ashley Hughes designed the super cute button below.  Be sure to check out her TpT store for fun graphics.

I hear there is something else going on this Sunday, but I can't quite remember what it was... (hahaha!)  I'm not into football.  The only time I enjoyed myself was when I played in the marching band in high school and college.  I played the drums and it was fun to play music when our team did well.  But, my favorite part of my college marching band was a nice boy who played the trombone.  He also delivered pizza to help pay for college.  On Super Bowl Sunday in 1989 (you know, the one with the 1/2 time show requiring the red and blue 3-D glasses from TV Guide?!?), he delivered me a pizza--that I didn't even order--and he asked me out.  I decided that maybe Super Bowl Sunday wasn't such a bad idea after all.  I also decided he was a keeper!   We've been married 20 years and this will be our 24th Super Bowl Sunday Anniversary (and I still have those 3-D glasses!).

I'm linking up with TBA's Freebie Friday!  Here is a cute and easy way for your kids to do their Word Work with a little Valentine's flair.  I hope you enjoy it!  Click on the picture below to get your freebie!

I hope your weekend will be super!  Thanks for reading my blog.  I truly appreciate you!

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