Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Free...and a Freebie for You!

It seemed as if this day would never arrive!  After spending two full days packing up my classroom (with the help of my sweet Mama), I finally was able to check out of my classroom.  It was so delicious to turn OFF my alarm and not have to wake up on time even though my stupid body clock woke me up at the same darn time as usual) and be on a schedule!  However, this would be super fabulous if I wasn't sick!  My allergies/asthma combo was mixed with a serious dose of First Grade Germs and I've been sick the past two weeks.  If it weren't for the fact that we only had a bit of school left, I would have called my favorite sub (Mama) so I could recuperate faster.  I thought I had finally started to get better, but then two days of stirring up cotton ball-sized dust bunnies in my classroom kicked my behind (or should I say, "lungs?") and I feel awful again.  I swear it feels like I've cracked my ribs from all of the coughing.  Sooooo...since I can do nothing more than lay her like a lump, I figured I'd better get back to blogging before everyone forgets me. 

It has been too long since my last post, so you know me, I'm throwing you a freebie with my apology. Usually, I give chocolate with my apologies, but since that won't work, here are some graduation borders that I made for some fellow teachers.  I'm hoping that you won't have to use them until next year because you're already on summer break, so tuck them away in your files.  Click on the link or the picture above to grab one for yourself.  Enjoy!

I'm off to the doctor to see how my ribs & lungs are doing...

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