Saturday, June 29, 2013

Under the Sea...Star of the Week with an Ocean Theme!

Hi Bloggy Friends!  Next year I’m going to do a Beach/Ocean theme with my class as we loop up to second grade. I love to do a Star of the Week activity with my classes. In the past we had a Hollywood Star of the Week and an Explorer of the Week. So, for our beach theme, I designed an Oceanographer of the Week pack.
Let me tell you about how I use these Student of the Week materials. I send home the parent letter with one boy and girl who will be the Stars the following week. I have new students go earlier in the year so we can get to know them. Then, I "randomly" choose students for the rest of the year (but I have my shy kids and kids who need to make new friends go first--don't tell!). On Mondays, the Stars share their posters that they worked on over the previous weekend. They are also allowed to bring a special item for sharing. This is a big deal because the kids don't get to share toys or things like that normally—only items related to what we're learning in class. Each day of the week the kids have the option to share other items or stories about their hobbies, families, etc... On Thursday, the class writes a page to go in a book that each Star gets. Usually, kids write compliments or tell why they like the Star. The writing is just priceless. “Hanna, I thenk yu are beeyutifol.” Then, at the end of the week, the stories are collected and bound into a book for each Star to take home. The kids LOVE this! Even the shy kids want to talk about themselves! I laminate the posters, 3-hole punch them, and bind them with binder rings. The Star of the Week big book is by far the favorite buddy reading choice in class!
In addition to the Oceanographer of the Week, I also made two other versions, Sea Star of the Week and The Big Fish of the Week, which are included with the Oceanographer of the Week materials.
The set includes:
3 Styles of Star of the Week Posters in color and B&W:
   Oceanographer, Sea Star, and Big Fish.
2 dated and 1 undated book cover for each style
4 styles of student book handwriting sheets
1 parent letter for each style

They are available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I will give away a copy next week to a follower who leaves a comment. The winner will be chosen with a random number generator.
Have a lovely weekend!




  1. Last year I did a Jungle Theme and had a "Top Banana" each week. The kids had a different special activity to do each day. They loved it!

    1. That is SO cute! The kids love being the center of attention for the week and you really get to know them so well.

  2. These are absolutely adorable, Corinna! Your kiddos will LOVE them! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  3. This is really nice. I would love to use this in my classroom.

    I know your kids will enjoy this.

  4. Love the ocean theme! I would love to win a copy too!

  5. Hi! Just visiting from 3rd grade theatrics.

  6. Hi! I'm excited to win. I would like: Going Buggy with Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Common Core Math Mega Pack!
    Thank you so much! Please send it to:


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